Snow and wind leave 30,000 without power

As another wave of harsh weather conditions sweeps over Sweden, more households are facing power cuts. Around 30,000 customers of the country's three biggest suppliers were without electricity on Sunday morning.

A combination of wet snow and fierce winds has also caused major traffic problems and many road accidents. At around three in the morning Uddevalla bridge was closed to all traffic in both directions for several hours. It reopened later on Sunday morning but violent gusts of wind are being reported in the area.

Morning road conditions in northern Bohuslän and Dalsland were treacherous and there were several accidents, though none resulted in serious injury.

According to police in Västra Götaland many trees have also blown over onto roads in the area, compounding the damage caused by last weekend’s hurricane-strength winds.

Temperatures in the south of the country will fall to around freezing on Sunday and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) warned of ice on the roads.

“It’s freezing and could be very icy in many places,” said Jonas Höglund at SMHI.

At nine o’clock on Sunday morning it was still snowing hard in the Stockholm area and temperatures were hovering below freezing. Around 10 centimetres of snow which fell overnight caused major delays on the roads but police said the situation was relatively calm.

“We’ve not had more than a few reports of incidents of people driving off the road,” said Peter Sundqvist at Stockholm police.

Three people were taken to hospital after hitting a tree on the road between Nässjö and Vetlanda in Småland.

“The tree acted as a ramp. The car drove up it and turned in the air. It landed in a ditch 40 metres away,” said a Jönköping police spokesman.

The two passengers in the car escaped without any injuries but the driver was slightly hurt by a splinter of glass in one hand.

“They had guardian angels,” said the police spokesman.