Swedes’ earnings break the trillion barrier

Swedes earned a total of over a trillion kronor for the first time last year, with people living in the Stockholm area earning most.

Danderyd, a wealthy north Stockholm suburb, was at the top of the 2005 income league, with inhabitants earning an average of 392,000 kronor a year. Next was Lidingö, to the east of the capital, at 323,500.

Taby (303,500), Nacka (279,000) and Sollentuna (276,100), all Stockholm suburbs, completed the top five in the table compiled by Statistics Sweden on behalf of Metro.

All the highest earning municipalities were within short commutes of major cities. In the Malmö area, people living in Lomma earned an average of 263,000 kronor with Vellinge residents averaging 256,700. In Knivsta, near Uppsala and Stockholm, the average income was 244,900.

Kungsbacka and Härryda, near Gothenburg, saw inhabitants earning an average of 240,200 and 236,000 respectively.

Areas in the north of Sweden dominated the lower end of the list. Pajala (155,500), Åsele (156,000) and Bjurholm (157,200) were propping up the income league. Borgholm, on the island of Öland, was not far ahead on 158,300, with Övertorneå completing the bottom five on 158,300.

The total income of the Swedish population was 1,028,000,000,000 kronor.