Christian company considers move to escape blockade

The owner of blockaded company Skandro Trade is considering the option of moving sections of his business to the Czech Republic.

In early October the Swedish Forest and Wood Workers’ Union placed a blockade on the company when the owner refused to sign a collective bargaining agreement. Skandro Trade has nine employees.

“It is becoming more and more difficult to run a business. Our flow of raw materials has been cut off,” CEO Rolf Skinner told news agency TT.

The conflict began when two wood packaging companies from the southern town of Smålandsstenar, Skandro Trade and Ji-Ma Produkter, declined to enter into collective bargaining agreements with the Swedish Forest and Wood Workers’ Union.

Both companies are run by families belonging to the Plymouth Brethren religious movement. They have said that their religious beliefs prevent them from entering into agreements with third parties.

Speaking to The Local in December, Olle Malmström of Ji-Ma Produkter ruled out the possibility of ever signing an agreement with the trade union.

“We can’t sign because of our beliefs, which are holy to us.

“And the trade unions can’t understand us, because the collective agreements are holy to them,” he said.