Zlatan song Sweden’s best-selling single

The best-selling single in Sweden in 2006 was a song about footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, sung by a 7-year-old from Skåne.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall recorded ‘Who’s da Man’, with its memorable chorus in German, English and Swedish, in homage to the footballing hero. The song, recorded with group Elias, clearly caught the public mood ahead of the summer’s World Cup.

Zlatan himself was said to have laughed and enjoyed the song. The rest of Sweden was divided between those charmed by Frans’ youthful enthusiasm and those who gritted their teeth every time they heard the line: “I love you, Ich liebe dich, Zlatan Ibrahimovic”.

Frans’ fans have had the last laugh, however, with record industry organization IFPI saying that Who’s da Man was not only the most sold single in the nation’s record stores, but also the most popular legal download.

The most popular album was Peter Jöback’s ‘Flera Sidor av Samma Man’, which included covers of songs including Always on My Mind and I Who Have Nothing, as well as the single Jag Blundar i Solens Sken.

See a performance of Who’s da Man here