Bank manager stole millions from customers

A Gothenburg bank manager and father of two was fired from his job when it emerged that he had taken 6.6 million kronor from his customers' accounts.

An internal audit at Danske Banken on October 24th last year revealed that large sums of money had disappeared from accounts at a local branch. The 37-year-old manager admitted to embezzling the funds and was relieved of his duties the same day, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

The man, also spent four years as chairman of the local Shareholders’ Association, has said that the money was used to fund his gambling addiction.

The bank has assured the ten customers affected that their money will be reimbursed. Local police are currently investigating the matter but it is not yet certain what sort of action will be taken.

The man had worked at the bank since 1999 and is said to be well known in the area.

His gambling addiction stretches back ten years and he soon found himself spending increasing amounts on lotteries and football pools.

The man explained his spiralling problems in a letter to his friends.

“I have gradually ended up in a sort of blind alley. The way I saw it, the only way to free myself from my substantial debts was to keep playing, with higher stakes, in order to win and leave back the money I had borrowed,” he wrote.

Since being sacked three months ago the man has begun receiving treatment for his addiction. He explained to his friends that he is looking forward to a new life “free of lies and deceit”.

“I am distressed, regretful and sorry for for what has happened and I want to apologise to everybody,” he wrote.