Stockholm needs to improve its image

The Swedish capital is viewed by many foreigners a safe and secure place to be, but few think the city has 'pulse', according to an the Anholt City Brands Index.

Stockholm fell to 26th place out of 60 in the annual index. Last time, the city was in 17th place, although the survey has been affected this year by the entry of 30 new countries.

It was beaten this year by Scandinavian rival Copenhagen, which beat the Swedish capital in all six categories: presence, place, potential, pulse, people and prerequistes.

The Danish capital was seen as more influential on international trends, and came 20th in the survey overall.

Stockholm was viewed as the third greenest city and was thought of as safe and secure. But when asked how they would rate the city as a party destination, Stockholm landed near the bottom of the table.

In rankings of cities’ climates, Stockholm failed to impress, landing in a lowly 54th place. But the survey’s compilers point out that international perceptions of cities do not always match the reality: Paris and London, with relatively similar climates, are polls apart on the survey, with the French capital in 13th place and the British in 53rd place.

Simon Anholt, the man behind the survey, said that Stockholm’s lack of a known landmark made its brand harder to sell.

“Copenhagen has the Little Mermaid. All studies show that a well-known landmark is important. It has been shown that the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels is better known among Japanese than the EU.”