Avalanche warning in Swedish resorts

Skiers in the Scandinavian Mountains are being warned about the risk of avalanches following heavy snowfalls.

In the northern resort of Abisko, the danger was considered sufficiently serious for lifts to be closed.

In ski resorts Åreliftarna, Dundret, Ramundberget and Tänndalen the risk of avalanche was classed as significant, or a level three on a scale of one to five, with a five indicating the most severe risk.

The level five warning issued in Abisko means that there is a large risk that avalanches could happen spontaneously or be set off by people.

“We have closed the lift due to the risk of avalanches,” said Stefan Mårtensson, manager of the Abisko station.

Avalanches cause deaths in Sweden most years. Last year, two people died – a skier in Åre and a person on a snow scooter in Abisko. Both accidents happened off-piste. Ski resorts are warning that off-piste skiing is the most dangerous form of skiing when it comes to avalanches.

“As long as you stay on marked pistes there is no danger,” said Stefan Mårtensson.