Västerås man arrested after three rape attempts

A 26 year old man was arrested early on Sunday morning on suspicion of attempting to rape three women in central Västerås.

Police say they will now investigate whether the attempted rapes could be linked to a series of attacks in the town last autumn.

“Obviously that’s what we’re hoping for,” said Västerås police spokesman Per Molin.

“But the only thing that resembles the previous attacks is that the scene, Engelbrektsgatan, is identical to the early crime scenes, and that young women were attacked. There aren’t actually any other similarities.”

At 4.31 on Sunday morning a woman called the police to say that she had been attacked by a man who tried to rape her on Stora gatan in central Västreås.

“She managed to escape and ran away,” said Per Molin.

Soon after, at 4.39, a second woman called to say she had been subjected to an attempted rape, this time on Engelbrektsgatan, a few hundred metres from Stora gatan.

Around five minutes later a poplice patrol arrested a 26 year old man whose appearance fitted the description given by the women. Shortly after the arrest, a third woman called the police, saying that she too had been attacked on Engelbrektsgatan.

The man is said to have grabbed the women and started pulling at their clothes. None of the women was injured in the attacks.

The women were interviewed by police on Sunday morning and their clothes were being examined. The 26 year old man was said to be too drunk to be questioned.