Carola and Henke on King’s Medal list

Thirty-two politicians, industrialists, sports stars, artists, entertainers and military and palace officials have been named as this year's recipients of the King's Medal and the Litteris et Artibus medal for significant contributions in their fields.

The medals, which are awarded in different sizes and with chains or ribbons representing different orders, will be handed over by King Carl Gustav at a ceremony at the Royal Palace on Tuesday.

Parliament’s former Speaker Björn von Sydow was awarded a ‘size twelve medal with chain’ for his “outstanding contribution to different areas within Swedish public life”.

Sweden’s first female bishop Christina Odenberg and businessmen Jacob and Markus Wallenberg are among those to receive a ‘size twelve medal with the ribbon of the Order of the Seraphim’.

Perhaps the best-known recipients on this year’s list are singer Carola Häggkvist and footballer Henrik Larsson. They were awarded the ‘size 8 medal with royal blue ribbon’, along with national ice hockey coach Bengt-Åke Gustafsson and designer Gudrun Sjödén.

Henrik Larsson will not be able to attend Tuesday’s ceremony due to his committments with British club Manchester United.

The Litteris et Artibus medal, which was first awarded in 1853, rewards outstanding service to the arts, especially to music, dramatic art and literature.

Authors Lennart Sjögren, Katarina Frostenson and Margareta Garpe were named as this year’s recipients, along with actor Reine Brynolfsson and opera singer Helena Döse.