Reinfeldt to move in to official residence

Fredrik Reinfeldt and his family are soon to move in to the official prime ministerial residence at The Sager House in central Stockholm. The family has primarily decided to leave its home in the suburb of Täby for security reasons.

“I really don’t have any choice,” said Reinfeldt.

The Reinfeldts are not altogether keen on the move. But it is easier for security services to watch over the prime minister at the official residence. It is also less costly than it would be in Täby.

The family will get help with the cleaning and security services will do their bit by bringing the kids to various training sessions, friends’ houses and other leisure time activities.

Reinfeldt has to pay a tax of 15,000 kronor per month for these fringe benefits.

Things could also get a bit complicated for his wife, Filippa Reinfeldt. A move would me that she would no longer live in the constituency in which she was elected.

“I hope it doesn’t mean that she will have to relinquish her public duties,” said Fredrik Reinfeldt.

But worst of all is the idea that the children might have to move to a new school.

“In that case we would stay on in Täby,” he said.

The Sager House is located between government offices at Rosenbad and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The Swedish state purchased the house in 1988. It had previously been owned by the Sager family, who took over the original building and remodelled it in the Rococo style in 1893.

Once know as The Sager Palace, it was downgraded to a house when former Social Democratic Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson considered it to run contrary to his political beliefs to live in a palace.