Tsunami commission recalled

The president of Sweden's court of appeal, Johan Hirschfeldt, has called for the recall of the Catastrophe Commission, which investigated the former government's handling of the South Asian tsunami.

Hirschfeldt, the chairman of the commission, said in a statement released on Tuesday morning that new facts had emerged which warranted its recall.

Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt asked Hirschfeldt last autumn to examine computer tapes found in the cellars of government offices. The tapes were said to contain backups of deleted emails that could shed light on former prime minister Göran Persson’s handling of the tsunami crisis, in which more than 500 Swedes died.

“In addition to testing the facts in the material in the tapes, the commission could take other measures to investigate according to the original directive,” Hirschfeldt wrote in his statement.

Hirschfeldt had earlier said that he could not rule out further questioning of those involved. This was interpreted to mean Lars Danielsson, a former senior aide to Göran Persson.

The commission is expected to complete its work by 16th April, Hirschfeldt said.