Pensioner jailed for abusing husband

A 70-year-old woman from the central Swedish town of Västerås has been sentenced to one year in prison by Västmanland district court.

The woman was found by the court to have mistreated her 81-year-old husband in a number of ways. According to the verdict, she was very suspicious and jealous of her husband, TV4 reports.

Whenever the woman left their home to walk the dog she would lock her husband in and take the telephone with her. She is also reported to have punched and pinched him so hard that his skin was marked with bruises.

On several occasions she pushed him with such force that he fell over. She also held him around the neck until he had difficulty breathing.

The woman’s husband did not want to report her to the police but hospital staff eventually decided to do the job for him.

Following a psychiatric evaluation the woman was found not to suffer from any serious psychological ailments. She was also deemed by the court to be in good physical health.

The crimes perpetrated by the woman on her husband carry a minimum one and a half year sentence. Taking the woman’s advanced years into account however the court finally settled on a shorter prison term of one year.