Reinfeldt’s plane in near miss

A Swedish Air Force plane carrying prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt narrowly avoided a serious accident during a recent trip to Berlin, it has emerged.

The plane was ferrying Reinfeldt and three aides from Tegel Airport in the German capital to Bremen on 12th January.

Reinfeldt’s plane had almost taxied to the runway and had been given take-off clearance when the pilot noticed another aircraft coming in to land on the same runway. The pilot alerted the control tower, and was able to avoid a collision with the incoming plane-

Kent Löving, spokesman for the Swedish Air Force’s F17 Squadron in Blekinge, which operates the government plane, praised the crew’s quick reactions.

“They hadn’t made it to the runway, and how close they were I don’t know. This is what the inquiry will show,” he said.

According to Metro, an investigation has been going on in secret for the past two weeks.

The reasons for the near-incident are unclear, but it is being viewed very seriously.

“I believe that such events are very uncommon,” said Löving.

The incident is being investigated in both Germany and Sweden, but Löving could not say when the investigation would be complete.