Restaurant union exercises zero tolerance

The Gothenburg branch of the Hotel and Restaurant Union is putting pressure on ten further restaurants and cafés to sign collective bargaining agreements.

The union claims to have convinced fifty restaurant owners in Gothenburg to sign agreements over the last year that have improved wages and conditions for workers.

Meanwhile the union’s much-publicised blockade of a salad bar in the city is reaching the end of its second month with no resolution in sight.

The 25-year-old owner of the Wild’n Fresh salad bar has so far declined to sign an agreement with the union despite a daily vigil held by union representatives outside her premises.

“I hear all the time that I am ‘refusing’ to sign. But how can you refuse something that is supposed to be voluntary? This is also about the unions methods: threats, harassment and psychological pressure,” she told Göteborgs-Posten.

The union says that it is now begun to work in accordance with the principles of zero tolerance: nobody should be allowed to compete with wages and conditions that are worse than those provided in the collective bargaining agreement.

“We are never going to look the other way when people are offering their employees unfair conditions,” said the Hotel and Restaurant Union in a statement.

“In this way we will get to everybody, including the rotten eggs.”