Eleven swans found in Stockholm apartment

Police are hoping to speak to the owner of a Stockholm apartment after finding on Wednesday that she has been keeping eleven swans there.

The strange discovery was made after the woman’s neighbours reported strange smells coming from the apartment in the Kungsholmen district in the centre of the Swedish capital.

Police who went to investigate were surprised by what they found.

“When the officers entered the apartment they initially saw two swans. When they looked around they found eleven of them there,” police spokesman Björn Engström told The Local.

Engström said they were well looked after and had been given food and water.

Police believe that all the swans come from the Stockholm area. The woman had kept a log book giving details of all where the birds had come from and when they were taken.

“We have not yet been able to talk to the woman who lives in the apartment, but we are hoping to contact her this evening,” Engström said.

It is so far unclear what the woman could be charged with, although police say she could have broken laws regulating hunting.