Ikea vases cause cut wounds

Ikea has recalled 600,000 of its popular Parodi and Apelsin vases after seven customers reported cut wounds incurred when the base of their vase came loose.

Five of the customers in question, two of whom are Swedish, sought medical care for their injuries. In total, 30,000 of the vases have been sold in Sweden.

The customers received cuts to their hands when the base of the five kilogram vase came loose. Excessive tension in the glass is said to have made the vases more sensitive to bumps or nicks, leading to a loosening of the base.

Ikea has now decided to recall the vases, 600,000 of which have been sold worldwide. The company is requesting customers to bring the vases back to the store where they can claim a refund.

“The bottom can fall off without any reason. We want to exercise caution and have started a recall today,” spokeswoman Eva Stål told The Local.

The Parodi and Apelsin vases share the same design. They are 70 centimetres in height and are available in clear glass as well as the colours black, white, amber, purple and dark green. Ikea stopped selling the vases in the autumn of last year when it first became aware of the fault.

An investigation has now shown that the tension in the glass is above recommended levels.

According to Ikea, none of the customers have been seriously injured.

“It has turned out ok. Customers will be compensated but that is an insurance question between Ikea and the customers,” said Stål.