Man on trial over 1992 murder

The prosecution of a man charged with murdering a reserve officer from the Swedish Armed Forces in southern Sweden in 1992 has begun in Växjö.

The 26-year-old officer died after being shot five times at his home in the town in March 1992. The man now arrested was in the same Jujitsu club as the murder victim and was involved in the same organizations within the armed services.

The man who has been arrested was 19 at the time of the killing. He had access to a service revolver, which he had borrowed from an officer in the reserve armed forces.

Prosecutor Yvonne Rudinsson said the motive for the crime was revenge or jealousy. The victim is believed to have in 1991 attacked a girl who later became the murder suspect’s girlfriend. When she told her new boyfriend about the attack he is said by the prosecution to have decided to murder the 26-year-old man.

Rudinsson said that she had good evidence against the suspect. His ex-girlfriend will testify at the trial, as will two other women to whom the suspect is claimed to have confessed to the murder.

Police forensic experts have found empty cartridges from the gun that the suspect was borrowing at the time of the murder. According to experts there is a good match between those cartridges and those found at the murder scene, although it is not possible to be completely sure that they came from the same gun.

The revolver in question has since been scrapped.