Borg in plane controversy

Finance minister Anders Borg has asked to be picked up from Skavsta Airport rather than Bromma when using the government plane, an arrangement that so far has cost Swedish tax payers around 80,000 kronor, Metro reports.

On eight separate occasions the plane has collected the minister at Skavsta, which is the nearest airport to Borg’s home town of Katrineholm. Military sources estimate that each Skavsta landing adds 10,000 kronor to the cost of the journey.

The taxi journey to Bromma Airport from Katrineholm amounts to 1,850 kronor per trip, the newspaper reports

But according to Borg’s press secretary, Anna Unsgaard, the practice is not at all uncommon.

“Anna Lindh was always picked up at Skavsta. Her family situation was quite similar to the finance minister’s. She also had young children and lived closer to Skavsta than Bromma.

“Because Anders Borg works so many hours his time is valuable. He spoke with people at the finance ministry and asked how they usually work it. And they said that arrangements are usually made to pick people up,” Unsgaard told The Local.