Criminal investigation at Swedish nuclear plant

Uppsala prosecutor Katarina Mörnstad announced on Friday that she intends to open an inquiry into the handling of a power outage at the Forsmark nuclear plant on July 25th last year, reported Swedish Radio Uppland.

“There is reason to suspect that a crime has been committed,” Mörnstad told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Sweden’s nuclear power inspectorate, SKI, reported the plant to the prosecutor last Monday. According to SKI, as soon as the management at Forsmark recovered control of the power supply they should have put the reactor into ‘cold shutdown’.

Instead, the management kept the reactor in ‘warm shutdown’ for a day before SKI demanded further cooling.

According to SKI the management’s decision could have broken laws on nuclear safety.

If the prosecutor comes to the same conclusion, she will seek to identify whether the company or an individual was responsible for the breach.