Cheating partners given away by DNA

A Swedish company makes it possible for people who suspect their partners of being unfaithful to have their suspicions either confirmed of allayed.

The website primarily offers DNA tests for potential fathers or family members. But if a sample is provided the company will also be happy to carry out an infidelity test.

“The technique gives customers the possiblity to find out if their partner has been unfaithful,” spokesman Bo Erlandsson told The Local.

He is quick to add that the website has not yet been bombarded by hordes of jealous lovers.

“We have just had a couple so far. This service is not something we beat a big drum about,” said Erlandsson.

Any customers harbouring suspicions of infidelity on the home front must first be able to provide some form of evidence.

“There must be a reason to come to us. For example, a man might suspect that his wife is unfaithful.

“If he finds stains in her underwear he can send it to us. We can then determine if it is sperm.

“Then we can find out if it comes from another man or from himself,” said Erlandsson.

The company then sends the sample to a lab in the USA and the hypothetic husband will know within two weeks whether or not he has been cuckolded.

Regardless of whether the result gladdens or saddens him, it will cost him 2,590 kronor.

The service is of course available to both sexes; the company also analyses stains believed to contain female DNA.

But Erlandsson points out that a saliva sample from a cigarette may be enough to find out if there have been unexpected visitors in a customer’s home.