Salad bar owner to sell up

The Gothenburg salad bar owner who became a national cause celebre after her business was blockaded by unions has decided to sell up.

Sofia Appelgren’s salad bar, Wild’N’Fresh, has been blockaded for the past two months, as a result of her refusal to sign the Hotel and Restaurant Union’s collective bargaining agreement.

“The union is good when it is needed, but not when there are good conditions,” Appelgren said in an interview with news agency TT.

Appelgren said the pressure of the blockade became too tough, particularly when her family was dragged into the argument.

“There was no light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

The young restaurant owner said that 60 protesters from unions and political organizations had gathered outside her premises during celebrations for her business’s one-year anniversary.

“The union has continued to spread lies about our employment conditions,” she said.

Appelgren said that she had little time for the political point-scoring that had accompanied her fight.

“This is not about politics, but about common sense and how one chooses to treat people.”

Daniel Färm, spokesman for the Hotel and Restaurant Union, said the union would not be glad if the salad bar closed.

“We want the business to continue, but with good salaries and conditions for the employees,” he told The Local.

A number of potential buyers have been in touch with Appelgren, but no sale is finalized. She said she envisaged her employees continuing to work under new owners.