Two dead in Stockholm car fire

Two people died when a car caught fire in Bagarmossen in south Stockholm early on Wednesday morning. Emergency services confirmed that the two victims were stuck inside the burning vehicle. Police are now looking for witnesses.

Fire services are currently working to clear the garage where the car was parked.

At 7 a.m. police were able to confirm that the fire had been put out. Emergency services were initially called in at 6.27 a.m.

There were no registration plates on the car, according to police.

“We will have to wait for the technical analysis to find out why that is. What we are now interested in is finding out if anybody has seen anything. We have started knocking on doors in the area,” said police spokeswoman Towe Hägg.

The car is completely burned out. Police say that the cause of the fire is still a mystery.

“We have received information from residents who heard noise and saw some individuals in the garage by the car. But so far we have not heard anything to help us solve this,” said spokesman Johan Stegius.