‘Snowball chaos’ at Swedish school

Staff at a school in Nybro in south eastern Sweden have had enough of snowball fights on school grounds. Any pupils caught throwing snowballs are to be sent home.

“We have had snowball chaos here today. They keep throwing even when we tell them to stop,” said deputy headmaster Walt Murphy on Thursday.

Previously pupils were punished by being made to sit down and study during their free periods. But now they are sent home to their parents, in the hope that this will be viewed as a punishment rather than an unexpected bonus.

The snow at Madesjöskolan in Nybro is of such a consistency that the packed snow quickly turns to ice. Windows are liable to break and people are likely to get hurt.

On Thursday a girl was sent home after being hit in the eye by an ice ball. Her injuries are not reported to be serious however.

Teachers at the school made phone calls to parents on Thursday evening to explain the situation.

“It’s like the kids have gone crazy with all this snow. They just can’t stop themselves,” Walt Murphy told newspaper Barometern.

Murphy regards the snowball ban as a workplace safety issue.