Tax cuts fail to entice voters to Alliance

The Social Democrats and their left-wing partners have retained a lead in support over Fredrik Reinfeldt's Alliance government, according to a poll published on Saturday.

The Demoskop poll, published in Expressen, appears to show tax cuts, which came into effect in January, failing to make the government more popular.

Reinfeldt’s Moderate Party had 31.3 percent of support in the poll, with the Social Democrats on 39.9 percent. The same poll last month put the Moderates on 31.3 percent. The Social Democrats also fell back, in their case by 1.6 percentage points.

The opposition Social Democrats, Left Party and Greens together have the support of 50.9 percent of those surveyed. The Alliance of Moderates, Centrists, Liberals and Christian Democrats is on 47.4 percent. The Green Party showed the greatest increase, with support rising 1.2 percentage points.

Demoskop interviewed 1,011 people by telephone between 1st and 8th February.