NK evacuated after blaze

The NK department store in central Stockholm was completely evacuated on Saturday afternoon after a fire broke out under a set of escalators.

By around 3pm the fire brigade had put out the blaze and had successfully ventilated the building.

“We have left the scene,” said Ola Florén, who was leading the fire rescue operation.

The police also left the store and cordons were removed.

It is not known how many people were in NK, Stockholm’s most famous store, at the time of the evacuation. There were no reports of any injuries.

“I know that it took around 20 minutes from the first alarm until the message came that the whole store had been evacuated,” said Marie-Louise Nilsson at Stockholm police.

The origin of the fire was a motor in a machine room under a set of escalators. It is not clear how the blaze began, but according to Marie-Louise Nilsson, there is no suspicion of any crime.

The damage caused during the fire was not significant, and the store reopened later on Saturday afternoon.