Opposition forges ahead in polls

For the second time in a few days opinion polls have put Sweden's opposition parties ahead of the ruling coalition.

The Liberal Party has dropped two percentage points since January, which is the only statistically significant change noted for the parliamentary parties in the latest Skop poll.

The three opposition parties – the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Left Party – enjoyed the combined support of 49.6 percent of those polled. This represents an improvement of 1.8 percentage points on last month’s tally.

The four party Alliance has dropped 0.7 percentage points since January, with a current total of 47.3 percent.

Sweden’s two largest parties both made advances in the February poll. The Social Democrats got 37.5 percent of the votes (+1.3), while the Moderate Party jumped to 27.2 percent (+1.7).

A total of 1,200 people were polled from 23rd January to 7th February. The question they were asked was: Which of the parties in parliament do you like best?

Percentages for February (totals for December/January in parentheses)

Social Democrats 37.5 (+1.3)

Green Party 6.6 (+0.8)

Left Party 5.5 (-0.3)

Moderate Party 27.2 (+1.7)

Centre Party 8.4 (+0.6)

Liberal Party 6.1 (-2.0)

Christian Democrats 5.6 (-1.0)