“Put Pippi on the money,” says Schyman

Swedish anti-monarchy association Republikanska Föreningen has called for Astrid Lindgren and her most famous creation, Pippi Longstocking, to replace the king's head on the one krona coin.

The republican group consists of members from across the political spectrum and is dedicated to the removal of the monarchy by democratic means.

Board member Gudrun Schyman is no stranger to unorthodox campaigns. In 2004, for example, the former Left Party leader suggested that all men should be required to pay a special tax to cover the societal costs of violence against women.

After a period in the political wilderness, following a tax scandal that resulted in her ejection from the Left Party, Schyman went on to front a new party, Feminist Initiative.

Pippi Longstocking, a nine-year-old girl who shuns conventions and loudly asserts her rights in the adult world, is considered something of a feminist icon in Sweden.

“I would personally like to see Astrid Lindgren’s portrait on the Swedish one krona coin. She is a better symbol for Sweden than the king could ever be.

“In addition, one of her fairy tale characters could decorate the flip side of the coin. Why not put Pippi on the money?” said Schyman in a statement.

Chairwoman Hillevi Larsson goes one step further, demanding the removal of all royals, past and present, from Swedish notes and coins.

“The monarchy is a disgusting relic from an era in which Sweden was a dictatorship, and it is high time to replace the king’s mug with somebody or something that symbolises modern Sweden,” she said.