No Ferrari for jilted ex-lover

The Swedish justice system has denied a 39-year-old woman the red Ferrari she so desperately craved.

Ever since breaking up with her former fiancé in 2001 the woman has claimed that she was promised the expensive sports car as an engagement present, Aftonbladet reports.

But when the champagne glasses had begun to gather dust and there was still no sign of a fast car coming her way, the woman decided to sue her ex-boyfriend.

On Tuesday, after a lengthy court battle, the woman finally had her claim turned down by the Court of Appeal.

According to her, love blossomed after a chance encounter in a suburban car park in 1996.

The 63-year-old multi-millionaire remembers it differently, asserting that they met through a personal ad in 1999.

While the circumstances surrounding their first date are uncertain, the initial stages of the romance culminated in an engagement party at the man’s house in the affluent Stockholm suburb of Djursholm in 2001.

Their love was not to last however, with the relationship grinding to a halt just months after the party. The woman was subsequently convicted of assaulting her fiancé.

But she would not rest until until she was sitting behind the wheel of the Ferrari she claimed as her right.

testifying in court the woman’s former fiancé maintained that he suffered from aphasia: sometimes he said yes when he really meant no.

While the man had in fact paid a 250,000 kronor deposit on a car, the appeals court ruled that this did not constitute a binding promise to purchase the vehicle as a gift.

The court further cited a lack of proof that he had actually promised her a car at the engagement party. The man’s fortune is estimated to be worth 120 million kronor.