Lesbian couples win adoption battle

In December of last year two lesbian couples were denied the right to adopt their children by Norrköping District Court in eastern Sweden. But now the Court of Appeal has overturned the original verdict.

Two of the women, one from each couple, had initially travelled to Denmark for insemination. The district court however pointed out that the sperm donors were anonymous, which is not acceptable according to Swedish law.

In Sweden each child is legally entitled to find out the identity of his or her biological father.

“The district court turned us down on the grounds that we did not specify a donor, which is not permitted in Sweden,” Maria Billström-Westerlund told Expressen.

“But the Court of Appeal’s verdict shows that they discriminated against us because we are homosexuals,” she added.

Maria and her wife, Johanna Billström-Westerlund, are thrilled that the uncertainty surrounding their son Ludwig is finally over.

“It’s an enormous relief. We have always been a family emotionally. Now we are one legally too,” said Maria Billström-Westerlund.

The verdict means that Johanna will now have equal parental rights over Ludwig.

“Today we are going to take it easy and have a cosy day with the family. Then we’re going to celebrate with the other couple. We have battled together,” said Maria Billström-Westerlund.