Jealousy motive for Nyköping killing

The man shot to death on a platform at Nyköping railway station on Wednesday morning was a 35 year old psychiatric worker. The 27 year old man arrested for the shooting said that he killed the other man out of jealousy, according to police.

Both of the men came from Stockholm. The 27 year old suspect followed the older man when he boarded a train to Nyköping. He then fired several shots at the victim upon their arrival in the eastern town.

“The men knew each other and the motive is reported to be jealousy,” said police spokesman Johan Levin.

The killer is said to have mapped out the victim’s regular movements and had long planned to kill him on this particular date.

Knowing that the 35 year old commuted to work in Nyköping every day, he packed a shotgun into a bag and boarded the same train.

“The 35 year old was shot in the head at close range. There were a lot of people at the station who witnessed the incident,” said Levin.

The man has admitted to acquiring a shotgun with the express intention of killing the 35 year old.