Liberals vow to tackle immigrant ID muddle

The Liberal Party has said it plans to raise questions in the Riksdag, Sweden's parliament, on Friday, after The Local revealed that most immigrants have effectively been barred from receiving Swedish ID cards.

The party will suggest that a state agency gets the right to issue ID cards to new arrivals in Sweden.

Stricter regulations put in place in January by Svensk Kassaservice lock out unmarried immigrants from seeking a Swedish ID. The banks, the only alternative for a valid ID have similar policies.

Fredrik Malm, MP and spokesperson for migration issues for the Liberal Party, is author of the interpellation.

“I will propose to the Minister of Migration and Asylum Policy that one solution could be to give the Migration Authority the right to issue an ID at the same time as immigrants receive their residence permits,” he told The Local.

Malm is optimistic that a reasonable solution to the existing catch-22 should be found and enacted without much opposition.

“I can’t name anyone who could be against the idea that an immigrant should be able to get an ID once they get their residence permit and civic number.”

Whatever the outcome of Friday’s interpellation, Fredrik Malm affirms that the Liberal Party is committed to helping immigrants get an ID. Malm told The Local, “We will discuss it and we will try to solve [the problem].”

Elizabeth Dacey-Fondelius