Man crashes into hospital in stolen ambulance

A man has been arrested in western Sweden after he stole an ambulance - and promptly drove it through the wall of a hospital.

The incident happened in Mölndal, western Sweden, on Friday afternoon. When police arrived at the scene the man was driving round the hospital parking lot in the stolen ambulance.

Without warning, he then swung the ambulance round and through the wall of the hospital’s emergency room, police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg told Dagens Nyheter. The wall was all-but demolished in the incident

A man in his seventies who was sitting in a waiting area at the hospital was injured. Because of the chaos caused by the crash, he had to be taken to the Sahlgrenska hospital in nearby Gothenburg. Several other people were treated for shock.

Police were initially alerted by the hospital after the man started behaving disruptively and tried to gain entry to a hospital smoking room, according to Dagens Nyheter.

The man was being questioned by police on Friday evening.