Sweden seeks emissions cut for private cars

Sweden wants an average emissions limit on private cars of 120 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre, environment minister Anders Carlgren has said.

However, the limit would vary according to the size of the car.

“Sweden is advocating a target of 120 grammes per kilometre. But you have to put pressure on those who produce small cars and bigger cars,” said Carlgren, who was explaining Sweden’s position to the European Commission, reported the paper Riksdag & Departement.

Carlgren’s proposal is close to the European Commission’s desired target.

Today, the average emission level for new cars in the EU is 163 grammes of carbon dioxide. But the a new law on emissions is expected to come into force by 2008. The car industry will then have four years to implement the necessary changes.

The consequences will be far-reaching for the Swedish car industry. On average Swedes drive Europe’s largest and most fuel-hungry cars.