Goats blamed for barn blaze

For years Sweden's goats have watched with dismay as their proudest symbol, the Gävle straw goat, is burned to the ground at Christmas. Now, representatives of Sweden's caprine community have got their own back.

On Sunday, the blame for a major fire in near Kalix, in the north of the country, was pinned squarely on local goats.

“The fire is thought to have been caused by some of the goats gnawing through an electricity cable,” said Norrbotten police spokesman Erik Kummu.

Around 25 of the horned beasts were rescued from the blaze, which completely consumed their barn in Långträsk.

Kummu joked that the police had decided not to arrest the goat which looked the most guilty.

No people, and apparently no goats, were injured in the fire, which broke out just before 3am on Sunday.