Swedish army warns of growing Russian threat

The Swedish Armed Forces are calling for more military resources inside the country following a revision of its stance on Russia.

Major General Michael Moore however warns against perceiving the news as “alarming”, stressing that the military does not regard the level of threat to have dramatically increased.

“We are seeing the crystallisation of a changed strategic situation in northern Europe. This is partly due to pressure created by economic advances in China and India, which are demanding more and more energy,” Moore told newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The growing importance of energy, Russia’s renewed economic power, and the growth of Baltic trade have all contributed to altering the overall picture, according to Moore.

Colonel Stefan Gustafsson, head of the Armed Forces’ strategic analysis unit, agrees that the situation in Russia has changed.

“The country has the financial capacity to invest more in defence. That is not to say that Sweden is at risk of attack.

“Such threats emerge from a combination of resources and intentions. And we do not predict any such intentions in the foreseeable future,” he said.

The Swedish Defence Commission will meet on Wednesday to discuss the issue of national security. These discussions will form an important basis for a parliamentary resolution on national defence later this spring.

The Swedish Armed forces have previously prioritised international engagements.