FBI and film industry train Swedish piracy police

An elite corps of Swedish police has been trained to combat Internet piracy by the FBI and American lobbying organization the Motion Picture Association.

Sweden, home to The Pirate Bay, the world’s largest bit-torrent site, has come to be viewed by many in the music and movie industries as a haven for Internet piracy.

In an attempt to improve the Swedish police’s record on piracy, a group of six police officers have been given training by the MPA and by FBI agent Andrew Myers, as well as a number of Swedish experts in the field, Computer Sweden reports.

According to documents from the International Intellectual Property Alliance seen by computer Sweden, the MPA will be participating at further seminars in Sweden later this year.

The head of studies at the Swedish National Police Academy, Marianne Hilton, defended the use of involvement of lobbying organizations such as MPA.

“I have full confidence in the organizer of the course. We have contacts with organizations outside the police. If we have made the judgment that if a group has competence that we can use, then we invite them in,” Hilton told Computer Sweden.