Iranian spy ‘still on the loose’

An Iranian spy continues to roam free despite the fact that the Swedish Security Service has known of his activities for over a year. The man is said to have reported back to the Iranian embassy after infiltrating a number of groups opposed to the Tehran regime.

With the Iranian spy still in the country, justice minister Beatrice Ask will face questions in parliament on Tuesday on how the government plans to tackle the problem. An average of around ten individuals fitting the description of spies or suspected terrorists are deported from Sweden every year, Metro reports.

One Iranian refugee who was taken in by his countryman has spoken about his encounter with the spy, who passed himself off as a representative for UN refugee agency UNHCR.

“I grassed on my friends and myself without realising it,” Alireza told Metro.

Having fallen out of favour with the authorities in his home town after an organised protest at a factory, Alireza says he came to Sweden illegally three years ago. Two of his friends were arrested and another disappeared.

Upon arrival in Sweden he applied for a residence permit. Twice his applications were turned down.

It was then he came into contact with the spy, who claimed to be a UNHCR doctor.

Alireza was asked to tell the story of why he fled Iran. If he handed over his asylum documents and 50,000 kronor the doctor would see to it that he received a residence permit.

“I have revealed opposition activity, which may have led to one of my friends disappearing. And the two others who were already arrested are completely exposed now,” said Alireza.

Having spoken to other asylum seekers, Alireza discovered that the UNHCR man was a fraud. He did not hand over the 50,000 kronor. Instead he reported the man to the police. But the preliminary investigation did not lead to criminal charges.

“When I’m on my way home in Stockholm I am always looking over my shoulder. I take detours and alway feel I’m being watched. The spy is still on the loose after all. Does something have to happen to one of the people who met him before Sweden takes action to protect us,” said Alireza.