Woman stabs boyfriend after disappointing sex

A 40-year-old man from Luleå received life-threatening injuries after being stabbed in the lung by his 28-year-old Russian girlfriend. The pair were staying at the man's apartment in the northern Swedish town when they got into a heated argument about their relationship.

The 40-year-old says that his girlfriend was disappointed with the quality of their sex that evening.

Having acquired a short-term visa for herself and her young son, the woman came to Luleå for a holiday in early January.

“The woman has a steady job in Russia. She works at a chicken farm and her son is in school,” district prosecutor Karin Hansson told The Local.

The woman’s boyfriend has worked in Russia for a many years and the pair had been together for just over a year.

But on the night in question a discussion about their relationship ended in violence.

“There was a conflict. She grabbed a knife and stabbed him,” said Hansson.

The woman claims that she grabbed the first item that came to hand, only realising later that it was not a pen or a fork as she had initially thought.

She told police that she later hid the knife in a wardrobe.

“He received a stab wound through the lung. The woman then contacted some neighbours, who called the SOS number,” said Hansson.

When emergency services arrived at the apartment the man was unconscious and his pulse was weak, newspaper Norrländska Socialdemokraten reports.

“The rescue team managed to save his life. There was a lot of blood,” said Hansson.

The man was able to recover from his injuries after a successful emergency operation on his right lung.

Police arrested the woman and took her to the station with her young child.

Both parties agree that the dispute stemmed from dissatisfaction with their sex life. But their versions of events differ on other points.

For example, police discovered a loaded gun in the apartment. The woman claims that she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defence after he had pointed the gun at her head.

He claims however that her fury was borne solely of disappointment with the evening’s sex. While he had indeed borrowed a gun from a friend, it had not been produced on the night in question.

The case will go to trial at Luleå district court on Friday.

“I have pressed charges for deportation,” said Hansson.