Leijonborg adds value to languages and maths

Good grades in maths and languages are to carry extra weight for pupils applying to third level institutions in Sweden. Education minister Lars Leijonborg is irritated over the fact that pupils can currently accumulate points easily through subjects such as wine studies and manicure.

Writing in Wednesday’s Dagens Nyheter, Leijonborg advocated the introduction of a new system whereby extra points would be awarded to pupils completing advanced courses in modern languages and mathematics.

These new advanced courses would allow pupils the opportunity to gain 2.5 additional points on top of the current maximum of 20.

Leijonborg’s article provided a taste of what is to come when the government presents the new criteria for acceptance to third level education later on Wednesday.

Under the new rules it will no longer be possible to advance to third level education without first achieving at least a pass result in Swedish, English and mathematics.

Extra points are to be awarded for advanced courses in English, other modern languages and mathematics.

Extra points will also be available for pupils with a particular area of expertise. For example, a student applying to a technical college can take an advanced chemistry course in order to gain a potentially crucial extra point.