Man shot in Stockholm robbery

A man was shot in the leg early on Thursday afternoon during a robbery at a jewellers in Åkersberga in the north of Stockholm. The extent of the man's injuries are not yet known. Police are hunting for two suspects who escaped in a car.

“I don’t know yet how serious the person’s injuries are. It seems that it was a member of the public who received a bullet wound to the leg,” said police spokeswoman Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs.

Police do not know whether the criminals succeeded in salvaging anything the robbery.

The injured man has been taken to hospital. A number of witnesses who saw the man being shot in the leg have been taken to hospital to be treated for shock.

“According to witnesses, a fight or a tumult broke out in connection with the robbery and then this person was shot. We do not yet know whether the man was inside the shop or just close to it,” said Wejnäs.

Police called in a number of patrols, including a helicopter, to search for the two thieves.

At the same time, a forensic team stayed behind at the jewellers to secure various traces left behind in the robbery.