Parents secretly profited from son’s disability

A husband and wife in central Sweden have each been handed ten month prison sentences for fraud after passing their son off as a pensioner and reaping the financial rewards.

After several years in paid employment, the 26-year-old man discovered that his parents were supplementing their income with a disability pension registered in his name, Metro reports.

During the time he lived at home with his parents in Dalarna, the couple were entitled to a care allowance. But despite the fact that their son later moved out and took up paid employment, the pair managed to convince doctors that he had a permanent disability and was incapable of securing a job.

Without informing their son, the couple filled in application forms claiming disability benefits and an early retirement pension in his name. When the Swedish Social Insurance Administration approved the application, the pair had the money lodged to a joint account.

But since his parents did not have power of attorney over their son’s finances, they had no right to take out money on his behalf.

In addition to their prison sentence, the man’s parents have also been ordered by Falun district court to pay him 160,000 kronor in compensation and to pay back 243,000 kronor to the Social Insurance Administration.