‘Stop foreign trucks’ when roads are icy

The Swedish Road Authority wants to prevent foreign trucks from leaving Swedish ports when the roads are as treacherous as they have been in the last few days.

Foreign trucks, primarily from southern Europe, are often equipped with poor quality tyres that are not adapted for icy road conditions. A number of accidents are caused by these trucks either sliding out of control or getting stuck.

“My view on the matter is that there would be clear advantages to examining heavy vehicles and making sure that those that are poorly equipped remain in the port,” road authority spokesman Rolf Jeppson told SVT.

As the vast majority of foreign drivers do not understand Swedish, radio updates on the traffic situation are of no practical use.

Road conditions in southern Sweden continued to pose major problems on Friday.

“We can’t see any major improvement before Saturday. We have had snow drifts here that were three to four metres high.

“Every snow plough we have managed to find has been put to work but the roads are covered again after a quarter of an hour,” said road authority spokeswoman Eva Hast.