Tractor boys mow down Swedish cops

Two boys, aged 14 and 16, attempted to mow down three policemen with a tractor on a road between Ystad and Tomelilla early on Saturday morning.

The 14 year old was at the wheel of the tractor and the police officers tried to stop it with lights and other signals. Eventually the farm vehicle stopped after having been forced to a halt by a police car.

The policemen got out of the car, but then the tractor drove straight at them. The officers jumped out of the way unharmed and then watched the tractor chug off down a minor road.

It continued into the middle of a field where the boys left it. They were later found on a farm, reported the local media.

“It’s serious and could have ended really badly,” said Ystad police spokesman Stellan Andersson to Sydsvenskan.

The boys face charges of serious assault and driving without due care and attention.