Teen ‘threw 75-year-old out of his car’

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion throwing a 75-year-old man out of his own car, then running him over.

The man, 19, had been given a ride in the older man’s car in the village of Ellinge, near Eslöv in southern Sweden. He allegedly attacked the driver, threw him out of his car and ran him over.

The victim called the police using his mobile phone. He was found in a snowdrift and taken to the Lund University Hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries. The hospital said he had a fractured leg and facial injuries.

The 19-year old was arrested at around 8pm on Sunday at his home in Eslöv on suspicion of attempted murder. Police searched the man’s home, but police spokesman Malcolm Göthe was tight-lipped about what was found.

“Several people are now to be questioned and we will analyse the material we have taken,” he said.

An initial interview was held with the teenager on Sunday night, but he refused to talk until he had been assigned a lawyer. Police would not say why they suspected him of the crime.