Man gets life for murder of student

A 26-year-old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a 33-year-old student in Kungshamra north of Stockholm in November of last year.

The man convicted of the murder is a German citizen of Russian descent. He is to be deported from Sweden to serve his sentence.

The men knew each other slightly and the murderer had been staying with the victim for a few days when they got into an argument about money.

The student died as a result of injuries sustained when the 26-year-old either jumped on his head repeatedly or smashed it against the floor.

Solna district court described the attack as ruthless and cruel. The 26-year-old’s behaviour showed that he was indifferent as to whether or not the victim died.

The perpetrator has denied intent but is tied to the crime by fingerprints and traces of DNA found in the student’s apartment.

After the murder the 26-year-old was caught on security camera as he tried in vain to take out money using the student’s bank card.

A few week’s later he approached police in Gothenburg and handed over a note in which he admitted to killing the man.