Man admits to placing camera in sunbed

A man in his sixties has admitted to placing a web camera in a solarium in Jönköping in central Sweden last November.

A 20-year-old woman contacted the police when she noticed that a webcam had been mounted inside the sunbed. Just as she was about to lie down, she noticed that there was a camera pointing between her legs.

“The woman then called the police, who went to the Solarium and took down the camera. It appears to have been a wireless camera that can send images and film clips directly to a computer by means of an antenna,” police spokesman Stefan Karlsson told newspaper Expressen at the time.

Having spoken to a number of witnesses, police were eventually able to trace the suspect. His car was parked outside and he was spotted outside the toilets at the solarium on the date in question, news site reports.

The man told police that he had been filming for his own sexual gratification.

Police conducted a raid on the man’s home and confiscated a computer.

“If we find that he put pictures up on the internet we will investigate the matter further,” police spokesman Krister Ekdal told Jnytt.

The man is suspected of sexual harassment but has been released from police custody pending a decision from the public prosecutor.