Moderates promise more female candidates

The Moderate Party promises to put more women forward for election in 2010. The party's post-election analysis, presented on Wednesday, showed a conspicuous disparity of eight percentage points between the number of males and females voting for the party.

“It is not acceptable for us to have such a discrepancy. We have to think about this and take action,” said analyst Carl Cederschiöld.

The party does not have a clear explanation as to why women, primarily those in the public sector, are sceptical of the Moderates. Cederschiöld would like his party colleagues to display more anger about wage disparities between men and women.

Party secretary Per Schlingmann says that the party’s policies are good enough to attract more women. As an example, he notes that the Moderates have put forward a proposal that should lead to more men taking paternity leave.

He also points out that the party is spending more on public sector areas such as health and welfare, which employ considerably more women than men.

“Rationally speaking, we have got it right. But we have to become more active in these environments,” said Schlingmann.

The party secretary would also like to see more women at the top of the party’s electoral lists when election time comes around again in 2010.

“It all looks quite good if you look at the first five names, but the candidate at the top of the list is usually a man,” said Schlingmann.