Egyptian’s deportation overturned

The decision to deport Egyptian Mohammed Alzery, who was controversially removed from Sweden by CIA agents, has been declared invalid by the Swedish government. Migration authorities will now re-examine his case.

Alzery and another Egyptian were deported in 2001 as terrorist suspects.

The Swedish government sought guarantees from the Egyptians that the men would not be mistreated, but the UN Human Rights Committee criticized Sweden for relying on these guarantees. Alzery claims that he was tortured while in Egypt, including by having electric shocks applied to his genitals.

Migration minister Tobias Billström on Thursday criticized the last government’s decision:

“Given the criticism from the United Nations’ Human Rights Committee, the government considers that the guarantees given by the Egyptian government ahead of the decision on 18th December 2001 should not have been seen as sufficient.

“The circumstances surrounding the events at Bromma Airport have also received widespread criticism – criticism the current government agrees with.”

The question of whether Alzery should now get a Swedish residence permit will now be tested by the Swedish Board of Migration. The Chancellor of Justice will handle Alzery’s claims against the state. The government has given the chancellor the freedom to reach an agreement with Alzery.

“Against the background of the former government’s wrongful handling of the case, which I and many others criticized, I am very happy about this decision,” said Billström.