Nazi pupils cause school closure

Racial abuse, Nazi graffiti and Hitler salutes have become so widespread at a school in the village of Vännäsby that pupils are to be kept home for two days next week as staff meet to discuss ways to tackle the situation.

Staff, pupils and health and safety inspectors have all voiced their concerns about the prevailing atmosphere at the secondary school in Vännäsby, which is located close to Umeå in northeastern Sweden.

“The negative trend among some of our pupils is creating a bad working environment, which is not acceptable for either the pupils or the teachers. We have to call a halt now and do something to put an end to it,” school principal Ann-Kristin Schäfer told newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren.

The school plans to first carry out a survey among its pupils, who are aged between 14 and 16. A new action plan will then be drafted on the basis of the survey findings.

“There is a bad atmosphere here. The Nazis are spreading out. They draw swastikas on the walls, make Nazi salutes in the corridors, shout out all sorts of stupid names such as ‘black whore’.

“This has been going on since we started in eighth grade. We have complained to the principal but nothing has happened,” ninth-grade pupil Stina Kalén told Västerbottens-Kuriren.