Creative class flies to Sweden

Sweden is second to none when it comes to creativity in business and is "a talent magnet for the world’s most educated workers", according to business magazine Forbes.

These claims are backed up with statistics culled from the book The Flight of the Creative Class by Richard Florida, which measures creativity in terms of talent, technology and flexibility.

When these qualities were compiled in a global creativity index, Sweden came out on top of the pile, just ahead of Japan, Finland and the United States.

In an article singing the praises of Sweden’s “well-educated citizenry”, Forbes notes that the country’s healthy economy contains much to admire for investors.

With the government set to sell off a number of state-run companies, the magazine estimates that the state coffers will soon swell by a further $100 billion.

“This, in addition to Sweden’s fiscal discipline, tradition of craftsmanship and ample natural resources, adds to the allure of this market,” wrote Forbes.